Bistro or Restaurant

Most of us love our food delicious and mouth-watering. But this does not mean that we have the skills to create unique and delicious dishes for our families every day. While your grandmother or mother may come up with a variety of dishes, these may need to be supplemented with night outs. But where can you get high quality food? Restaurants, hotels, fast food joints, and bistro are all great places to get a good dish. What differences are there between restaurants and bistros? What activities are popular in restaurants and the bistros? What kind of experience do you get in these places?

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Traditionally restaurants in southampton were places where meals were served on the premises. You therefore, have to sit, eat your food, pay then leave. They are of different sizes, have different designs, have different cuisines and the price range for the food varies. In essence, restaurants may target the low income market segment or they may be luxurious establishments serving high end communities. While some restaurants may serve a single meal, some may serve up to five courses in a single sit down. They have also evolved to allow take-away and food delivery options as the market changes.

Big hotels may have one or several restaurants under one roof to cater for people with different needs. These may have different cuisines, different price ranges, different management and service staff and so on. Restaurant can also be found on cruise ships, trains and trams to cater for the needs of travellers as well as in shopping malls.


These are small, usually French-style eating joints that more often than not serve simple and reasonably priced food to its clients. Traditionally, they used to serve French cuisines but lately, they can serve different types of cuisines. The food here may be creatively prepared making it unique to a specific bistro or prepared from family recipes passed down generations. Some bistros may also have platters where food can be shared by groups of people. Bistros also serve unique drinks to clients. The setting of the bistro is usually informal which offers a chance for friendly meet ups and interactions. They can therefore be used for after work gatherings, networking sessions, birthday parties and other casual parties.

Both restaurants and bistros serve high quality food and drinks, the complexity of the drinks and the meals is what changes. Restaurants can be used for formal meetings and parties given their formal settings compared to the casual feel of the bistros. Why not experience both from time to time?